Welcome to the Language, Cognition and Development Lab!

The capacity to develop and acquire a complex communicative system like natural language is unique to humans and not shared with other animals. Yet, children acquire language within the first years of their lives in an almost effortless fashion. Our lab aims to solve this puzzle by studying how the language system makes contact with other aspects of cognition in children and adults.

Languages also vary in the way they encode different aspects of the world. We are interested in how children learn their native language; and how their ability to do so relates to their cognitive development. We also ask, how and to what extent cross-linguistic differences affect other aspects of cognition across speakers of different languages. Research in our lab aims to address these questions by conducting experiments with multiple populations (children, adults), speakers of different languages (Turkish, English, Dutch, Turkish Sign Language), focusing on different levels of representation (language, cognition, gesture). 

Visit the Research page to learn more about our research projects and the Publications page to read our published work. Graduate and undergraduate students who are interested in joining the lab can visit the information page for Students.