Hadil Alsafadi
Olcay Yıldızgördü
İrem Bayraktar
Student Works of Özyeğin University Faculty of Architecture and Design Arch 521-Spatial Systems in Architecture course
  • İrem Bayraktar, PhD student 

Bayraktar, İ., & Şahin, M. (2019). Football Stadiums’ Integration into Urban Fabric in Context of Spatial Discourse. International Space Syntax Symposium. Beijing..

  • Hafsa Nur Bozkurt, M.Sc.student 
  • Yağmur Baran, M.Sc. Student
  • Büşra Meriç, M.Sc.student 
  • UzayTopal M.Sc. student
  • Feride Gül Keleş, M.Sc. student 

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