Arch 521 | SPATIAL SYSTEMS IN ARCHITECTURE and URBAN SPACE M.Sc. Architecture Program I Institute of Science and Technology  I OzU Fall Term, Tuesday 9:30-12.30 I AB3 Building, Room No: 336, 

Instructors : Prof.Dr.Alper Ünlü, Dr.N. Gül Çanakçıoğlu

The course covers the notion of the morphology of space, its fundamental concepts and principles, analytical theories and methods for describing and critically discussing spatial forms with an emphasis upon morphological, topological and visual characteristics of space using the theoretical and analytical framework of space syntax.

The content of the course resides on required readings and case studies analyzing the strategic design decisions about built form and its spatial organization, and developing an awareness of their social consequences. 

Besides, “Space Syntax” principles and glossary, methodologies, its terminology and applications are covered in terms of Depthmap and Syntax 2D software.

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