The lab aims to develop theoretical and research base of space syntax theory and it supports the architectural and urban based morphological studies in general. It aims to create a link of the logical argumentation, a kind of a bridge between two extreme disciplines, mathematics and architectural design. To develop a space syntax based strategy and tactics, methodologically, a human aspect approach towards the complex buildings is the main objective of the lab. So, the lab produces research strategies for solving the human-based problems in public buildings and its vicinity and it mainly concentrates on orientation, way finding, evacuation and its extents with spatial-cognitive problems. The lab scrutinizes the syntactic extents with human movements as research strategy, so the perceptive and cognitive dimensions are the main aims in  generation of the solutions. To sum up, the lab aims to solve complex design problems in densely used public buildings like hospitals, rehabilitation facilities for elderly, dorms, educational buildings, court houses, transportation buildings or any other mix-use housing or commercial buildings. The lab searches to solve syntactic based design problems emerged in wayfinding and evacuation problems in all aspects of the building design either in the post-occupancy evaluation case or the project case as an investment issue.

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