Entanglement tests with photon pairs
Bell inequality and its variations like CHSH and KCBS inequalities help us understand the nature in terms of locality and contextuality. We explore how close an experiment can approach to the limits indicated by prediction of quantum physics.

Sources of entangled photon pairs
Most of quantum information experiments rely on the entanglement sources. In this perspective, we develop entangled photon sources that has high entanglement fidelity and brightness.

Quantum cryptography
The most established form of quantum cryptography is the quantum key distribution. We build entangled photon sources and detection modules that are miniaturized in terms of their size, weight and power requirements to be operated in various platforms like drones, satellites and roof-top telescopes and media like free-space, fiber and underwater environments.

Single photon technologies
The fundamental two steps of quantum information technologies are the state preparation and the state measurement. The latter indicates the necessity of photon detection technologies. We develop single photon sources and single photon counting modules to be used in quantum information experiments.