Research interests of CT&T are in the broad area of communication theory with a particular emphasis on the physical layer aspects of wireless communication systems in radio and optical frequency bands. Current research topics are listed in the following:

Visible Light Communications (VLC)

  • Channel modeling for indoor, vehicular and underwater environments
  • High-speed physical layer design for indoor VLC systems
  • Resource allocation for VLC networks
  • Underwater VLC
  • Vehicular VLC
  • Simultaneous light and power transfer (SLIPT)
  • Energy harvesting VLC
  • Experimental verification

Free Space Optical (FSO) Communications

  • Airborne FSO-based backhauling
  • Relay-assisted FSO systems
  • Diversity techniques for FSO systems
  • Adaptive FSO systems
  • Hybrid RF/FSO systems
  • Experimental verification

Ultraviolet Communications

  • OFDM-based UV communication systems
  • Relay-assisted UV communication systems