Open Positions

The CT&T Research Group welcomes graduate students from both Turkey and the region. With its well-established international connections, collaborations, and projects, CT&T under the leadership of Prof Uysal provides an enriching yet highly-demanding research environment. There are occasionally openings for research assistants in the CT&T Research Group to work on various physical layer aspects of communications systems. These assistantships are available with an attractive financial package. The requirements to join the CT&T Research Group are listed below.

  • Most importantly, strong interest and desire in producing high-quality international-level publishable results in the area of communications
  • To have a degree from a well-known institution
  • High GPA (pls include your rank in class)
  • To have a strong mathematical background, particularly, in linear algebra and probability/random processes
  • To have strong programming skills (Matlab and/or C)

If you are interested in joining the CT&T Research Group, please send the group director Prof. Uysal ( an e-mail with your CV attached.