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New Book on Optical Wireless Communications from Prof. Dr. Uysal

July 31st, 2016

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The new book “Optical Wireless Communication – An Emerging Technology” co-edited by CT&T Director Prof. Dr. Uysal presents latest advances in the field of optical wireless communication highlighting contributions from the recently ended COST IC1101 Action with the same name.

With the aim to build a European scientific network on optical wireless communication, the COST IC1101 Action Optical Wireless Communication – An Emerging Technology (OPTICWISE) was launched in November 2011 for four years. COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) is one of the longest-running European frameworks supporting cooperation among scientists and researchers across Europe. OPTICWISE has been the very first COST Action dedicated solely to this emerging field and has played a key role in synergizing the interdisciplinary scientific expertise of European researchers in various scientific disciplines including the electromagnetic propagation theory, atmospheric physics, information/communication theory, networking, communication systems, photonic components, devices and systems.

To document on the one hand the multidisciplinary research carried out within COST IC1101 and on the other hand to encourage newcomers to this emerging field, this book introduces researchers, practitioners, graduate and post-graduate students to the diverse research on OWC in a comprehensive manner. The book starts with a review chapter, which provides a comprehensive overview of OWC field highlighting different sub-fields and major application areas. The rest of the book is categorized into four main parts. The first part consists of chapters which deal with the propagation modelling and channel characterization of OWC channels at different spectral bands/applications. The second part starts with a chapter that provides a unified information-theoretic treatment of OWC and then continues with the chapters on advanced physical layer methodologies to approach these ultimate limits under practical constraints. On the top of physical layer is the upper layer protocols and cross-layer designs, which are dealt in the third part of the book. The last part of the book features chapters each of which focuses on various emerging applications of OWC.


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